Someone rubbed lamps, broke bottles, opened mysterious books and genies have broken out into the wild. Each ghost is entirely hand-drawn with 120+ different traits. So each genie ghost looks unique in its own way. Each different lamp has different rewards such as airdrops of special NFTs, airdrops of ADA, different token distribution, more on that you can find in our roadmap!

There's 3333 Genie Ghosts out there in Cardano blockchain with mint price still TBA! And our genies will be freed late spring or early summer!

We are fully committed to work on this project for a long time, with making new ideas and satisfying our holders!


  • Stage 1 - After finishing the art, and building a strong community we plan to launch late spring or early summer - if everything goes well, we might change the date. There will be 3333 Genie Ghosts this late spring, or really early summer! So keep your eyes out.
  • Stage 2 - Right after minting is finished we're launching our own token! Which you will be able to get by staking, this will encourage people to hold this and keep the floor healthy. Also since we are Genies and we were talking about lamps, each lamp will give you different amount of tokens. As for example (lamp - toaster will give you 20 tokens each epoch, and a book will give you 30 tokens each epoch) More about where you can use these tokens will be provided later, but we want to do that you could spend our tokens on some real-life utility. Like buying in into a raffle ticket to win tickets to concerts, gift cards (amazon, etc.), and our merch! To where the tickets will be available will depend on our community with suggestions since we think about everyone around the world!. And we have way more ideas that you will find in our whitepaper very soon!
  • Stage 3 - After more effective plans on keeping the floor healthy (holder will get airdrops, whitelists for collaboration projects and more), we are planning to launch 3D Genie Ghosts (season 2) - holders that won't list our season 1 below the mint price, will get whitelisted for seasons 2 launch! Also we won't forget our OGs and active members! For those there is waiting a special surprise.
  • Stage 4 - Integrating our 3D Genie Ghosts into metaverses, and rewarding OG holders with more airdrops.




Marketing specialist


Artist, NFT enthusiast


Founder of GenieGhosts




Yes. People who came first into our discord are given OG role that will count as a whitelist and more special things in future. Aswell theres regular whitelist for our season 1 - you can get it from our collabs, giveaways and many other ways.

As for now it is planned to be late spring. As we close in towards those dates we will announce the exact date.

There will be 3333 Genie Ghosts.

The mint price is not decided yet. It will be decided when we close in towards minting date.

When you are minting only send your ADA via CC Wallet, Nami, Daedalus, AdaLite or Yoroi. If you send your ada from any CEX like Coinbase, Binance your ADA will be lost.